Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ennum Eppozhum Movie Review

CAST:Mohanlal, Manju Warrier, Reenu Mathews
DIRECTION:Sathyan Anthikad

SYNOPSIS: Journalist Vineeth M Pillai's carefree nature does not go down well with his colleagues or new boss. Taking a comprehensive interview of advocate Deepa, an overnight celebrity, is his chance to set his image right. Vineeth shadows the tenacious lawyer to understand her better and what starts off as a news assignment transforms into something much more.

REVIEW: One of the most original and compelling storytellers in Mollywood, Sathyan Anthikad movies are often cinematic equivalents of feel-good neighbourhood chats. If similar expectations tag along as you book seats for his latest film, you may be in for many surprises. In Ennum Eppozhum, he presents a movie that has a refreshing plot moulded in an old-school kiln.

Chronic bachelor and senior journalist Vineeth N Pillai is a man-child. Be it in the orderliness expected in an adult's personal life or in observing the proprieties of a professional, he remains least bothered to be impressive. His new boss entrusts him with the task of interviewing celebrity lawyer Deepa and it is Vineeth's chance to save his credibility. As he follows her around, a never-before connection is forged with the brave woman and his assignment grows into something more profound.

As it is, the plot and the characters that give it life are new-fangled, and the director has attempted his signature style of entertaining through a hearty story. There are a handful of nostalgic moments in which Mohanlal fans can easily break into thunderous applause. Manju is convincing as a separated mother and smart career woman who stands up for herself and others. However, instances that tie the story together seldom seem plausible, which is often the touted characteristic of Sathyan Anthikad films.

To begin with, Mohanlal's character has all the time in the world for this single assignment and in the name of an obligation - the details of which are hardly known or convincing to the audience - his boss starts favouring him one fine day. For apparently no reason, an influential builder (Ranji Panicker), against whom Deepa moves legally, agrees to her conditions in sequences that are expected to be funny. One can't find any comic moment that would remotely stand up to the innumerable, evergreens gems of humour found in yesteryear Sathyan Anthikad movies. Here, they almost consistently fail to deliver. Besides, it gets a tad too boring when yet another filmmaker fashions Manju Warrier's character mirroring her real-life situation, throwing in a troubled relationship with dance for solace. In fact, her husband's name is Rajeev, just as it was in How Old Are You!

Ennum Eppozhum lacks the fluidity and penetration power that a Sathyan Anthikad film promises and is ultimately underwhelming. Nevertheless, it has moments to relish for fans of both stars.

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